Baghdad, TX


Baghdad, TX took home the Best Narrative Feature and Audience Choice awards at the 2009 Moondance Film Festival, Best International Feature at 2011’s Reel World Film Festival Toronto, Best Original Screenplay at the Strasbourg International Film Festival ’09, and was an official selection at the Bahamas International Film Festival ’09, Radar Hamburg International Independent Film Festival ‘09, Philadelphia Independent Film Festival ’09, Austin Film Festival ’09, Palm Springs International Film Festival ’09, and the Directors Guild Theater New Directors Series in Los Angeles.  The soundtrack composition for Baghdad Texas evokes three genres (Latin, Americana and Middle Eastern), and is inspired by the film’s main characters.  The album also features Ray Benson (Asleep at the Wheel), Ralph White (Bad Livers) and Zhenya Rock (Red Elvises), and was named a Top Ten Album of the Year by the Boston Herald, a Top Five Album of the Year by the Philadelphia City Paper, charted internationally in the Top Twenty for 12 Weeks, and was up for Grammy consideration in the Score Soundtrack Album, Best Instrumental Composition (Bad Weather Girl), Best Instrumental Arrangement (Carmen’s Dance) and Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocals (Pistol Packin’ Papa) categories.

Praise for the feature indie film BAGHDAD, TEXAS:

“Amiable and unpretentious.”

“Honest and authentic… has echoes of Roy Andersson’s Songs From the Second Floor, rendered all the more moody by Booka’s excellent music tracks.”
-SLANT Magazine

“If you’re curious about how local, independent filmmaking differs from big-budget Hollywood fare, this is a good place to start.”
-Stephen Becker, KERA

“The Austin Screens category at Austin Film Festival is a showcase of local emerging talent that might not otherwise be on everyone’s radar. Arguably the best film in this category in 2009 is Baghdad Texas.”

“It’s a dash of Cohen brothers, a dash of Linklater and a helping of [director David Hickey’s] own particularly distinctive approach.”

“Pure Tex-Mex-Eastern delight.”

“Baghdad Texas is often funny, refreshingly original, imaginative and unpredictable… the original soundtrack is quite superb and helps to enliven the film while enhancing the mood.”

baghdad soundtrackPraise for MUSIC FROM THE MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK TO BAGHDAD TEXAS, performed by Booka and the Flaming Geckos:

“An outstanding feature of the film is Booka Michel’s original fusion soundtrack, which we’ve been enjoying over multiple listens.”

“For such a short disc you get quite a fulfilling ride. At times I find myself really listening closely to the album, and at others it fills in for some relaxing background music. That is an interesting point on how versatile the music is. Depending on your mood, the music can grab your attention or put you in a laid back mood. Every listen here comes with a different flavor. Booka Michel has a talent and understanding of music playing on the human psyche. Go ahead and let your mind absorb the sounds of Booka and the Flaming Geckos’ trip abroad to Baghdad… Texas.”
-Kyle M. Palarino, FOLKWAX Magazine

“Drum, bass, guitar and Dobro give color to the varied landscape of the creative genius of Booka Michel.  Listening to the soundtrack evokes unconscious associations with Ry Cooder, Wim Wenders and John Sayles, and the heroism of Antonio Banderas.”
-ROOTSTIME, Netherlands

“The whole lot makes for great listening pleasure… As is so often the case with soundtracks, it would be better if you would be able to see the film footage as well, but I can safely state that the music by itself is certainly worth it.”
-Dani Hayvaert MAZZMUZIKA, Belgium

“Weaves together strands of Latin, Americana and Middle Eastern music in an off-kilter but still somehow coherent blend over the course of its brief but enjoyable running time.”

“5 stars.”